Gift of Business Interests

An Entrepreneurial Way to Make a Difference

As an entrepreneur, you can grow your business and also accomplish your ministry goals. Gifts of business interests, like stock in a closely held corporation or shares in an investment partnership, can provide you with tax and income benefits and further the ministry of Forest Home.

ForestHome - Business Interest

How It Works

1. You give stock or business interest to the Forest Home Foundation

2. You receive a tax deduction and avoid tax on the transfer of your stock or business interest

3. Forest Home Foundation receives income distributions or may sell shares to a third party


  • You receive a charitable income tax deduction for your gift based on appraised value of your shares
  • You pay no capital gains tax on any appreciation transferred to the Forest Home Foundation
  • Gifts are usually made outright, but in some cases may be used to fund a life-income arrangement
  • You experience the joy of making it possible for children, youth and families to experience the life-changing power of the Gospel at Forest Home without using cash reserves

A Gift of Business Interest May Be for You If:

  • You are a business owner, entrepreneur, or an investor
  • You are able to transfer your business interest to third parties like the Forest Home Foundation
  • You want to save both income and capital gains tax
  • Your business interest will continue to generate income that can flow to the Forest Home Foundation, or it is likely to be purchased or redeemed in the near future
  • Your business interest is not encumbered by debt, and the Forest Home Foundation will not be called on to make future contributions for the business

More Information

  • You will need to check on whether there are any restrictions on the transferability of the shares, and that the shares have not been used to secure a loan from the corporation or partnership. If a loan is still outstanding, the IRS will consider the business interest gift as debt relief and will impute taxable income on the loan
  • You will need to secure an independent appraisal of the fair market value of the business interest donation since shares in a closely held business or an investment partnership are not publicly traded
  • Shares of an S-corporation are subject to additional IRS regulations
  • The Forest Home Foundation must first review and approve any transfer with regard to issues of marketability, liability and involvement in business operations

We’re here to help

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